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Janet Evra – “Hello Indie Bossa”

Janet Evra – “Hello Indie Bossa”

by Gesso Magazine Managing Editor Paul Seibert

I have been granted the privilege of reviewing a new album by a local Metro artist. And a wonderful privilege it is. Janet Evra is releasing her latest collaboration “Hello. Indie. Bossa.” And I got to sneak into an advance copy. It is wonderful.

Spoiler Alert: I am a huge Janet Evra fan.

“Hello. Indie. Bossa” is a treasure trove of eight JE originals and two covers. On April 7, Janet will be releasing this album with a Release Performance at Jazz St. Louis in Grand Center. There you can get your first listen to the inimical European / Samba influences and uplifting blues from this international musical star who happens to call the St Louis Metro her home. Being local affords us all the privilege of experiencing her live on a regular basis. And in the intimate space of Jazz St. Louis, this experience will likely prove to be completely mesmerizing.

There is such a powerful listing of musicians contributing to this work of acoustic art (see cover artwork). Their combined talents make this a truly world-class compilation. Janet herself is the vocalist for these 10 singles. Her etheric vocals are so enchanting as she tells us of unrequited love, tropical islands, sunny and rainy days – all these forms of love in their innumerable fashions (I recommend “Lady in the Rain” as my top pick).

Like Janet’s “Ask Her to Dance” CD, this will be a permanent fixture in my automobile. It will make my evening commute smooth and enjoyable. I will play it over dinner. It is romantic. It is sensual. It is a pleasant reminder of how relaxed and sweet life can be. And it will remind me to see Janet Evra live every chance that I get.

You can also gain access to both of these recordings at:

For more on Jazz St Louis:

The Harold and Dorothy Steward Center for Jazz, home of Jazz St. Louis, is located at 3536 Washington Avenue (at Grand Boulevard) across from the Fox Theatre.

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