Donna Bernard – Assemblage Artist

I started creating art pieces from burned items.

Jessica Hill: Growth

New Paintings by Jessica Hill.

Using Art Therapy in Counseling

I use art-making to help children express their feelings.

Art of Soul – Hands-on Artist Fun for All – With the Highland Arts Council

HAC is always looking for ways to promote local arts.

Art Review: Haley Clancy Inyart

Few people collect refrigerators.

Community Portrait Project: An interview with Monica Mason

The Community Portrait Project is a vital, ongoing component in building genuine civic pride

William “Wascally Wee Willy” Harroff

I joined the Supermen of America in 1958

Gesso Magazine Presents “Soil, Rock, & Feather”

Governor French Art Gallery showcases 4 regional artists.

What is Art Therapy?

I use art therapy with children and adults.

Beneath and Within the Soil, the Rock and the Feathers

Content is subjective.

Community Beautification Project

The goal was to beautify several vacant homes...