The Day the Music Died

These folks are full-time musicians

Jesus Christ Supercar

We wanted to keep the music coming.

A Vision for Talent: The St. Louis Teen Talent Competition

Check-out this great teen talent!

Different Can Be Good Sometimes!

Getting ready for the 2020-2021 season

An Interview with Big Tobacco

We played in a barber shop once

An Interview with the Sigmund Frauds

We are about to put out an album.

Drums & Percussion Sister Cities Belleville / Paderborn

Music produced by Melodic Rhythms Music Institution of Belleville.

An Interview with Thames

It was so much fun.

An Interview with Inches From Glory

Good time management is really important.

An Interview with Jackie Presley

We started with the drums then we did rhythm guitar…

The Lincoln: History, Music, Movies and More

Belleville's historic gem is the Lincoln Theatre

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