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Jesus Christ Supercar

Jesus Christ Supercar

Formed in 2018, the band’s three members – longtime friends Christopher Bachmann (guitar), Tom Blood (drums), Collin McCabe (bass) – and their league of trusty amplifiers banded together to blast and bop their way through fuzz-filtered disco drumbeats, with occasional existential musings. Taking a page from Death From Above 1979, Queens of the Stone Age, Mini Mansions, and many others, Jesus Christ Supercar combines their attention to crunchy, punchy tone with a groove-on-the-move attitude, resulting in up-tempo toe-tappers that aren’t afraid to rip a guitar solo or two (or three).

In their relatively brief existence, Jesus Christ Supercar has made a name for themselves with engaging live shows, sharing stages with numerous national acts including BRONCHO, the Blue Stones, Dinosaur Pile-Up, *repeat repeat, and the Dirty Nil.

Jesus Christ Supercar are currently working on their sophomore EP. The first single – the falsetto-soaked “Do You Think I Could?” – was released on streaming services September 8, 2020. They are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their next project.

“When we finished our first EP, “Post Madonna”, we knew we wanted to keep the music coming. We had more material ready to go, and we had started to figure out our sound. Now we’re ready to get in the studio and bring this next collection of songs to the people with “Turbo Diesel”. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made playing shows almost impossible, selling merch very difficult and therefore making records very costly for us. So we’re asking you, our fans, friends and family to help us get this next EP out to you.

We’re teaming up once again with producer Ben Majchrzak and Native Sound Recording to get this next project done. The funds raised from this campaign will ensure that we are able to

devote as much time as we can to really make something great with “Turbo Diesel”. We’re excited to get started and to have you all involved with this project.”

To see more about Jesus Christ Supercar and to view their Kickstarter campaign visit :


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