Donna Bernard – Assemblage Artist

I started creating art pieces from burned items.

Jessica Hill: Growth

New Paintings by Jessica Hill.

Using Art Therapy in Counseling

I use art-making to help children express their feelings.

Art of Soul – Hands-on Artist Fun for All – With the Highland Arts Council

HAC is always looking for ways to promote local arts.

Art Review: Haley Clancy Inyart

Few people collect refrigerators.

Community Portrait Project: An interview with Monica Mason

The Community Portrait Project is a vital, ongoing component in building genuine civic pride

An Interview with Big Tobacco

We played in a barber shop once

William “Wascally Wee Willy” Harroff

I joined the Supermen of America in 1958

Arthur Stevenson Presents: The Life of Tim Venhaus

You have so much potential!

An Interview with the Sigmund Frauds

We are about to put out an album.

Drums & Percussion Sister Cities Belleville / Paderborn

Music produced by Melodic Rhythms Music Institution of Belleville.

Gesso Magazine Presents “Soil, Rock, & Feather”

Governor French Art Gallery showcases 4 regional artists.

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