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Cover Artist Jennifer Lynn Reida

Cover Artist Jennifer Lynn Reida

I am a Native American Artist who lives with MS. Through my diagnosis in 2013, I have learned to be flexible with the mediums that I use in my art. Depending on my abilities at the moment I use graphite (pencil), charcoal, paint (acrylic, watercolor), pyrography (woodburning) and most recently, digital drawing.

A yearning to travel during this Time of Covid. A need to learn and explore new cities, regions and countries. A longing for a more adventurous time. That is what drives this new project “Vintage inspired Travel Posters”. I take suggestions from my social media, or they are places that I myself want to travel to. I try and learn a little about each location so that when someone sees the art, they feel either at home or they would love to visit.

I have 41 posters completed so far, all that can be found on Facebook and Instagram, and plan to continue creating.

Jennifer Lynn Reida
Native Heart Studio

For more on Jennifer Lynn Reida and her Native American artwork, visit:

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