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Gary McMichael

Gary McMichael

People are Like Rivers…

“Above all Siddartha learned from the river how to listen, to listen with a still heart, with a waiting, open soul, without passion, without desire, without judgments, without opinions.” ― Hermann Hesse

Confluence Sunset II, 12X24 Acrylic on board

Have you ever given rivers much thought?  They are always there. We cross them all the time in our travels without giving them much thought. “A river is a river, always there, and yet the water flowing through it is never the same water and is never still. It’s always changing and is always on the move.”*

Ozark Spring Creek, 6X12 Oil on board

People are like rivers. We start out no more than a trickle and as we age (grow, mature) we widen and deepen. Sometimes we burst our banks, when we are full of ourselves. Other times we may stagnate or even dry out.  Sometimes others want to dam us up, confine us and use us for their own purposes.

Falling Water Falls in the Arkansas Ozarks, 12X12 acrylic on Canvas

I’m a river person wanting to flow free making my own way through life.  Sometimes my life runs clear and true and other times it becomes muddied or even eddies back on myself. I have lived most of my life in the Ozarks and love the Ozarks because of its rivers.  Every time I cross a river, or even a small creek, I slow down to take a look.  I want to know how it is living in the moment.

Confluence Sunset on the Missouri River 18X24 Acrylic on Canvas

Today, in our real lives, we are caught up in a flood. A flood so great we cannot even imagine our future. Envision yourself a droplet of river water, have faith this too shall pass, and we once again find our place in life.

*Aidan Chambers, This is All: The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn

Garry McMichael Fine Art, 1926 Allen Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63104

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Falling Water Falls in the Arkansas Ozarks
Confluence Sunset on the Missouri River
Confluence Sunset II

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