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Jamal C. Franklin

Jamal C. Franklin

A Warm Place

by Jamal C. Franklin

It is unlikely,

That you fail now to see the tragic,

Unlikely, as well, that you can imagine

How it will be turned into magic…

But this plight ain’t nothin’ new, you see

And there is a hauntingly familiar pattern throughout human history

That will only upon the rubble and gravestones of the past deliver an ethos of unity…

But that’s where all this shit is headed, y’all

Since primitive man first took arms against each other to the present day with pistols and pillaging and reckless indifference abounding in the minds of the masses…

But it is the human heart that teaches truth in the end,

We are all family whether we wear labels of ‘foe’ or ‘friend’

This is not new, but the culmination of the past will, in time, come to a head

And we will find ways to peacefully rise above disagreements instead


There will likely always be bruising and blood, I’m sure, here and there in the drama of the global colony, families, tribes, and individuals

But we can create a systemic shift towards a basic decency in the institutions of humanity

It ain’t really any ‘us against them’ at the core of it all

It’s us against ourselves in the fight against our species’ downfall…

It was once asserted that the choice is ours and is simple enough:

Peace… or Annihilation

Let us each seek peace in our hearts and extend that peace unto as many as we can

If not for you and me for the generations to come.

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