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About Grief and Healing

About Grief and Healing

A Continuing Therapeutic Series of Written Word Art in dealing with Loss. The following two pieces on Grief and Healing were written by Janie Bloomer. She had this to say as an introduction:

I lost my partner of 36 years when she died 3-1-2020. These are a sample of some of the things I have written on grief. I don’t want to come across as an expert, because these are just my feelings at the time.  Most of what I know has been learned through the mentorship of my grief counselor, Diana Cuddeback, and Megan Devine’s book, “It’s OK That You’re Not OK”.  I write what I feel as I’m living this nightmare called Grief.  Not only is writing therapeutic for me, but If I can help someone else who is grieving, all the better.

Janie Bloomer, A Heartlinks Griever

Heartlinks Grief Center –

“The Awakening of Ēostre” by Valeria Prieto

“Forgiveness”  by Angela L. Chostner – Art That Speaks To The Sacred Essence in Us All

What Now?

By Janie Bloomer

It’s been more than a year since my partner left me,
And I don’t have any better idea of my purpose now
Than I did on the day she died.

She was my purpose, my reason to be.
The person I greeted first thing in the morning
And wished goodnight at bedtime.

There is a gaping hole where she once occupied
The majority of my heart.
A wound that time will never heal.

Losing a soulmate is complicated because
You are part of each other.
When one dies, some of the other one does, too.

We knew when we met that we were destined
To be together forever.
It just took half of our lifetimes to find each other.

Perhaps I am meant to record my feelings
And observations for other fellow grievers
To make a smoother journey for them.

If so, then my purpose will be worthwhile.
Janie   5-9-21

Standing With Angels

by Janie Bloomer

There are earthly angels and celestial angels,
They both are equally important.
We can’t always see the ones from Heaven,
But they are still there just the same.

We sometimes get a hint that they are near
When we find a penny or see a cardinal.
Or feel a puff of air from nowhere
That surprises us and makes us shiver.

The day my soulmate was taken from me
Is indelibly etched into my memory.
It was an experience I will never forget
Because it was so painful yet so beautiful.

I am thankful that I was by her side,
Holding her lifeless hand
As she crossed over to the other side
And her soul left her body.

Earlier that night,
After all her visitors had left,
She looked toward the window and said,
“Well, what are we waiting for?”

When it was time for her to go,
She turned her head toward the ceiling,
And a single tear rolled down her cheek.
It meant that she was sad for me,
But she wanted me to be happy for her
Because she would now be standing with angels.
Janie   4-23-21

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