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John Dorroh

John Dorroh

John Dorroh – bio

John Dorroh, “J.D.,” taught high school science for almost 30 years and lived to tell about it. He is a writer who has had some success with White Trash Nekid poetry, micro-fiction, and poetry.  He has also written for a regional newspaper as a weekly business columnist. He lost the county spelling bee in the 6th grade to Connie Dick and went on to become a recognized swimmer and Moon Pie-eating contestant.

“To All the Old Attics”

by John Dorroh

attics are horrifying places– spiders and cobwebs,

old mannequins from an era when women wore skirts

and dresses, plied colored clay onto their skin every morning

with palette knives


her attic cries out for attention, for a drink of water,

for music to fill up the gray space, for a magnet of some sort

to pull in all the tiny dust particles that the universe

spit out of its big black hole a million years ago, specks that

still blow in a tortured air, a veil around this planet


the smell of christmas cookies never reached the upstairs

space, tucked under the ceiling like a fire blanket, ready

for an emergency, but yet, every minute is an emergency

when one cannot breathe


most ignore the attic, its stacks of look and time and

good housekeeping from decades when we were dating in

station wagons with five speeds on a stick, shopping for specials

at mom-and-pop markets where a can of English peas was 12 cents,

when there was demarcation for black and white


we dive headfirst into stacks and told stories about every single

piece, every sauce pan and its lid, each rusted roller skate, every

box of Halloween decoration. i am living for a chance to open

the windows up here, to let new air into old lungs, but these frames

have been nailed down and glued tight with hardened putty, dried

like cement, a ploy for things to remain in a stationary existence


attics need to breathe, fling their histories up into space where the stars

are so forgiving for things we should have done differently all along

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