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Chris Zaken

Chris Zaken

Artist Bio: Chris Zaken

Howdy, my name is Christopher Zaken aka Zakenart. I am a multimedia visual artist. I was born and raised in Belleville, Illinois and currently reside in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been drawing since childhood and in the last ten years or so have started painting and exploring more art mediums. I studied at Southwestern Illinois College where I received my Associates in Fine Arts. My go to medium for painting work is oil and acrylic based spray paint for the bulk of my work combined with ink for my linework. I’ve worked in sculpture, ceramics, photography and design. Most recently I have been working digitally. I take a lot of inspiration from graffiti and street artist styles and processes. Cartoons, pop-art, and horror films are also big inspirations of mine. When creating a piece of artwork I usually have minimal plans and start by tossing paint around until I start to see objects or figures and work on pulling them out of the mess. It is both a learning and creating process. My website and online store have recently launched and I am minting NFTs of digital artworks. I hope you all enjoy my weird stuff.

Online Gallery:
Online Store:

NFT collection:

Red Rocket - Spray Paint and Ink on Canvas -12x36
The Apparition - Digital Oil Painting - 11x14
Sir Melty Boy - Spray paint and Ink on Canvas - 18x 24
Stabbed in the Head - Digital Oil Painting - 11x14
The Madness - Spray Paint and Ink on Canvas - 30x24

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