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Alton Little Theater Doing Big Things

The theater was founded in 1933 by Dorothy Colonius, a "dreamer" and an educator.

Out of the Shadows

When I start a painting, that is the moment I am born, both again and for the very first time.

SLU’s Crown Jewel

I was in awe of just how amazing this house was when I saw it in person in 2012.

Comics June 2019

"The Fake Estate"

Gesso Magazine/Governor French Arts Exhibition

Gesso Magazine assumed management of The Governor French Gallery

Jason Seibert

I once had a relationship that brought beauty and happiness into my life.

John Dorroh

It had begunyears ago in Grandpa’s play pen and lab.

Beth Gordon

Prayer helps, he says, prayer and brute force.

Perennial: The Community Garage

It’s a combination workshop space, art classroom, and warehouse of repurposed materials.

An Interview with Frankie valet

In high school, I said that the dream was to play Foam.

On Being An Artist…

A camera in my hands was like wearing a protective coat of armor.

The Creative Endeavors of Germania Brew Haus

Morning coffee and muffins and come back for beer and pretzels for dinner.

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