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Leroy Binks

Leroy Binks

Leroy Binks is an artist and designer currently investigating pareidolia and chromosteropsis through his art. Understanding that we do not all see the same things because we don’t look through the same physical and metaphorical eyes is key to broader human understanding.

“When I began working with digital manipulation of stock images, I had this idea that some ‘essence’ of the original images may be able to be perceived by the viewer. As I began asking others what they saw in the abstract images, their perceptions varied greatly from each other, as well as from what the original images were.

I thought, erroneously, of seeing faces in toast or shapes in clouds and everyone would see something close to the same. It was more like asking what a person sees in an inkblot. I knew we all bring a unique perspective based on our past to any new experience and so our reactive pareidolia is going to vary widely, however I didn’t consider how widely. I mean, we all see the same rabbit in the moon as anyone else, right?

I am always looking to hear from people on what they see in my work. Not necessarily artistically, but just as humans responding to new stimuli. What memories or ideas come into the viewer’s mind are as interesting as any that I put into the work myself. We all have a story to tell and I hope my work helps them find that.”

To see more of Leroy’s work or to buy prints, please visit

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