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Emy Blu

Emy Blu
Nat King-Cole

Emy Blu is from the wonderful St. Louis metro… She loves mixing old school with new school, bringing Janis Joplin, Prince and James Brown to today’s style music. A hippy at heart she loves to share joy and love and PEACE n bringin’ that vibe.

Emy Blu is an all around artist. Growing up in the small town of Troy, IL (just across the river from St Louis) she knew from a very early age she would move to Los Angeles – which she did in July of 2014.

Upon arriving, she used her musical talents, dancing and acting gifts for America’s Got Talent, The Voice with Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, and did commercials for Nissan, Dairy Queen, and Intuit.

You can listen to her on Spotify and iTunes “Emy Blu”. You can subscribe to her Emy Blu YouTube channel.

She also loves to paint as evidenced here:

Blu StLouis

Emy is raising funds to help the homeless in St. Louis. Check out her video about that here:

Her new CD with Full Circle Music Group, “Uninhibited Outlaw” due out in a couple weeks. You can get a free copy of this CD by contributing to her homeless in St. Louis project.

Emy can be contacted about her paintings, her recording and her homelessness project at

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