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Kitz Row to Release Full EP through Flyer Club Records and Renew Audio

Kitz Row to Release Full EP through Flyer Club Records and Renew Audio

by Dylan Seibert

Kitz Row, a local musical solo project, has a newly forthcoming album set to be released under co-labels: Flyer Club Records (out of Austin, TX) and the St. Louis Metro’s own Renew Audio. The new release, entitled “50-40-90”, will drop in full on November 10th, but the first single – the title track of the album – comes out for your listening enjoyment on Friday (Sept 22nd) and can be found on your favorite streaming platforms by following this “” link (click here)

There will be second single, entitled “Small Talk”, released on October 18th.

The record itself, has some tracks that are described as Synth-Pop/Synth-Funk – in terms of general genre classification – while others are described as being more in a Indie-Pop/Bossanova genre.

Both co-labels  Flyer Club Records and Renew Audio are very excited to support this project and are co-sponsoring an album release show on November 17th at The Sinkhole in St. Louis, with special guests to be announced. There, on the night of the show, tracks from the album will be played live as well as tracks from Kitz Row’s debut album, “Fig, Crackers, U and Me”.  At that November 17th show, the new album will be freshly available in physical form via cassette tape, as well.

But for a chance to hear some of these tracks even earlier, you can catch Kitz Row at Central Stage (St. Louis, MO) opening for Nico Play (born in Mexico City, currently based out of Chicago, IL) along with Enemy Airship (originally out of Columbia, Mo and now based out of St. Louis). This all-ages show starts at 7p and cost $12 in advance and $15 at the door.

You can learn more about Kitz Row (a solo project of local musician, Jed Buechele) visiting the Spotify Artist page by clicking here or by visiting the Kitz Row Bandcamp page by clicking here. Kitz Row can also be followed on Instagram by clicking here.

To learn more about Flyer Club Records (an eclectic and vibrant creative project out of Austin, TX), visit their website or socials by following the links below:

For your enjoyment, the Metro’s own Renew Audio has curated a Spotify playlist of artists that it has recorded (or otherwise collaborated with), which you can find by clicking here. Renew Audio is on Facebook (click here) and the Renew Audio website ( provides  even more information on the project.

Congrats and best wishes go out to Kitz Row, along with Flyer Club Records and Renew Audio for the new release and all the exciting things happening with this collaboration!!

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