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Reviews: Janet Evra – Ask Her To Dance

Reviews: Janet Evra – Ask Her To Dance

Paul Seibert, Managing Editor

I don’t usually like recordings of my favorite live performers. The recordings somehow interfere with the pleasure that live performing provides me. And I really love the live performances of Janet Evra. And, this time, I really love the recording, “Janet Evra: Ask Her To Dance”. It is thoroughly delightful.

Janet Evra and her live performance ensemble, the Bonbon Plot, are dreamily delectable. Janet’s sensuous voice draws me in like warm butter draws into a steamy English muffin. She and “The Plot” take me back to some of my favorite Astrud Gilberto numbers. I am reminded of the romantic soundtrack of the 70s French film, “A Man and a Woman”. And romance gets me every time.

There are a number of additional, dynamite studio musicians on the “Ask Her” CD that I do not typically see in her live performances. That is another component that often distracts me from studio versions of my favorite live performers. In this case, the several set additions blend so smoothly that I can imagine that, when I remember listening live in a local club, they were there all the time. They do not diminish what I know will be my ecstatic experience when next we meet in the live.

This CD will be a permanent fixture in my automobile. It will make my evening commute smooth and enjoyable. I will play it over dinner. It is romantic. It is sensual. It is all the things that remind me that life is worth living. And it will remind me to see Janet Evra and the Bonbon Plot live every chance that I get.

Janet Evra – Ask Her To Dance

Sawhorse Studios, St Louis MO
Available through all music services including:
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