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Gray Finch

Gray Finch

Gesso Magazine Managing Editor Paul Seibert accepts the gift of a mixed media painting from Gray Finch honoring Gesso’s continuing support of the Arts, Music and Culture of the St Louis Metropolitan community. At the Kirkwood Performing Arts Center Semi-Annual Pop-Up Arts Exhibition.
April 24, 2021

Kirkwood Performing Arts Center:

About Gray Finch:
Art has also been my mantra for interconnection; encouraging my exploration of concepts such as reincarnation and a reverence for the animal kingdom. Since I began my journey as an artist, my work has evolved into interpretation and expression of my expression and exploration of Buddhism, Western philosophy and evolution.

My body of work is a manifestation of an Alchemy process that is nuanced, poetic and mystical.

As an artist in recovery, I encountered some life-changing experiences that caused me to reassess my life and my purpose. Art has been the life-line of my recovery through tangled feelings of fear and excitement. It has allowed me the space and freedom of honest and cathartic self expression, and willed the purpose of continued growth.

22 x 30 Mixed media on Stonehenge paper
14” x 18” Mixed media on wood panel

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