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Kayla King

Kayla King

Having learned from a young age that visual art was a form of sanctuary for me, I began constantly exploring new mediums and subjects. As a result, aspects of my artistic style have changed throughout my life. While going through quarantine, I was triggered with a new inventiveness within me. Animals spark within many people a true sense of joy, even during hard times, and my intention was to create pieces that embody that feeling. With that goal guiding my use of watercolor and gouache, I attempt to bring that reaction into homes with a distinct uniqueness of craft.

Watercolor is my medium of choice for these projects because it allows me to capture character luminescent features of the subject when delicately layered. Although I do work with other mediums, I feel at home with watercolors. I am drawn to their fluidity and thoroughly enjoy how well they pair with gouache when desiring opaque touches. I strive for a balance between realistic details distinct to an animal and playful uses of color and line. I find it easy to lose myself in routine, I tend to become rigid and tense when I align too closely with one. This project reflects a newfound peace I have discovered due to rejecting conventionality for the sake of my happiness. I am truly humbled by the opportunities I have had to work with so many happy pet parents as I grow within my artistry.

I am a commission artist that works with many mediums including watercolor, oil paint, digital applications and fabric. I am always open to discuss commissions of any kind. Simply Facebook message me to discuss how to make your vision a reality.

Pricing is determined by the size that you would like your commission to be. Every work of art is completely original and tailored to fit your needs!

6 x 6 headshot (one pet)= $55
8 x 10 (one pet) = $90
9 x 12 (one pet) = $120
11 x 14 (one pet) = $150
11 x 14 (two pets) = $200
11 x 14 (three pets) = $250
11 x 14 (four pets) = $320

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