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Timothy Wagner

Timothy Wagner

Artist Statement
Timothy Wagner is a mixed media artist residing in Defiance, MO. The body of work shown this exhibit coincide a specific visual language that defines subject matter and content. The animals shown represent the human soul as a reincarnation and a side of spirituality which the artist conveys in all of his work.

The creative process of the art work is based on using mixed media  with an emphasize on  reclaimed materials. Timothy uses every material from recycled paper, inks, acrylics, waterbased oils, pastels, krylon, found imagery, hand made pigments, and much more. Every layer is constructed with reclaimed paper and a variety of medium. The images are drawn up from found imagery and designed with a creative purpose; to create environmental awareness and the subject matter is either superimposed or blended into the surface.

Timothy’s work is thought-provoking and a visual language that is an approach to expression of form, space and color, referencing our natural world and its surroundings. “The ambiguity of my work is created on a subconscious level.”

Timothy Wagner will be the featured artist at The Bricoleur – Art, Antiques and Repurposed Goods at 3600 Cherokee, St Louis. The opening reception for his exhibit, “Subtle Realm”, will be held on March 14 from 6 to 9pm.

Timothy E. Wagner
(314) 497-5468
The Bricoleur – Art, Antiques and Repurposed Goods

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