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Bump Kowalski and The Ten Commandments

Bump Kowalski and The Ten Commandments

by Paul Seibert

The young Bump Kowalski got his name for the body maneuver that pinball players use to influence the trajectory of the silver ball. Young Bump was a pinball champion (NOT a pinball wizard – a pinball CHAMPION). In his glory days (think Bruce Springsteen) he was somebody. And that somebody wasn’t always around for those that he meant allot to. And in this case, the person that he meant so much to is Bump’s estranged college-age daughter.  Bump is no longer young nor a pinball champion. He wanders and wonders, how can he become something again that might fill the gap that grew all those separated years when “all he is” is a shadow of the “wizard” of days gone by? In “Bump Kowalski and The Ten Commandments”, Bump is on a journey, following his heart, looking for love and meaning in a post-pinball-arcade world.

And Bump Kowalski is the feature character of “Bump Kowalski and the Ten Commandments”, a new release feature film. And it isn’t just any Hollywood feature film. It is a locally produced, indie, punk-rock film written, produced, filmed and starring all local talent. And, after almost three months of pandemic delays, it is debuting on Monday, July 13 on the really big screen at a local Covid-friendly venue, the Skyview Drive-in Movie Theatre in Belleville, Illinois. From the comfort and safety of your very own socially distanced motor vehicle space, you can not only watch this epic film, you will also be treated to the live music performance of two local bands, Bruiser Queen and Brother Sparg and the Rapp Band. They are not only the warm-up entertainment. Their music is featured in the soundtrack of the film.

So, who is the local talent that you will see up on the big screen? (in alpha order) Jillian Bovinette as Tina Kowalski / Joshua Bovinette as Bump Kowalski / John Patrick Costello as Jimmy Boring / John Sparger as Flip Campbell / Alex Usherwood as Pretzel Tigg / and Ann Westbrook as Charlotte Cake.

Directed by Joshua Bovinette, the screenplay is written by Joshua Bovinette with story by Joshua Bovinette and Nick Wells.  Produced and distributed by Phantom Mentor Digital.

“Bump Kowalski and The Ten Commandments”. Skyview Drive-in. Monday, July 13. Gates open 6:30pm. Music starts 7:30pm. Film starts 9pm. This event is cash only. $10 per person. Limited admission: first come, first serve.


Bump Kowalski and The Ten Commandments, a Metro-made indie-punk-rock-pinball movie

Skyview Drive-in Movie Theatre
5700 North Belt West, Belleville IL

Phantom Mentor Digital

Bruiser Queen

Brother Sparg and the Rapp Band

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