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Vesna Delevska is an artist originally from Skopje, Macedonia, currently residing in St. Louis, MO. Influenced by beautiful iconography, frescoes, and mosaics found in Macedonian monasteries and churches centuries old, Vesna blends unique styles of realism and abstract painting in her artwork. She graduated in the school for applied arts, in Skopje, Macedonia, and has a BA in Visual Arts and Design, from the University of Central Oklahoma.

Vesna has completed nearly 30 murals and over 6000 paintings throughout her career and has participated at more than 100 events and fundraisers with multiple St. Louis organizations to help raise money for their causes. Since 2015 Vesna is the owner of Vesna Art Gallery, located in Chesterfield, Missouri. She currently displays over 650 of her original works, gives private lessons, and continues to generate new works within the studio space of her gallery.

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“Colors, shapes, nature, form, beauty, are all elements of my personal language through which I can express feelings that I cannot describe through words. I use painting as a most intimate form of communication” – Vesna

"Season Of Wonder”- Acrylic on 36”x48” Canvas
“Bright”- Acrylic on 24”x36” Canvas
"Heights” - Acrylic on 48”x36” Canvas
“Radiance” - Acrylic on 36”x48” Canvas
“Movement In Time” - Acrylic on 36”x48” Canvas
"Coming Through“ - Acrylic on 48”x36” Canvas
"Colors At Night” - Acrylic on 60”x48” Canvas
"Current Of Sound” - Acrylic on 48”x36” Canvas
"Calm” - Acrylic on 20”x16” Canvas
“Total Freedom” - Acrylic on 24”x18” Canvas

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