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Mitch Berens

Mitch Berens

My name is Mitch Berens and I am a local artist. I have a gift for writing and other mediums.


For some it was a loss; for others they gained something and won
People’s true colors came out
It seemed it was racial tension mid year that came about
People laid off if not lost their job
Others places of living the lights cut off; in the dark they wept and sob

Some were able to maintain
Others like me lost friends and family and try to stay sane
Restrictions were made stating our friends and family can’t physically be seen or greeted
Lost for words we felt alone and defeated
Told to wear a mask and more than one glove
Told food and toilet paper were scarce; people now push to shove
Did anyone bother to look at the planets and see what they won’t do again
Well for at least a couple hundred years in the Stars live to try to comprehend
Let this New Year bring a peek of what it means to survive
That if anything it would make you more alive
Be safe be strong
Let my words forever carry in your hearts very long
Be thankful and try to stress less
Try not to look at  last year’s mess but as 2021 as progress

Author: Mytchy Mitch

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