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2020 Cover Artists

2020 Cover Artists


Kevin Pickard
I refer to my art as “New Classic Pop Art” and I shoot for a fun, nostalgic feel in every piece I make.


Mark Kensho Rogan


Daniel Nygard
My artistic expressions started with pencil drawing and acrylic paint. I’ve experimented with chalks and watercolors. I love to do photography. A lot of my current work is done with photography and photoshop type layering and editing.


Breanna Trent / Bre Knickless
A multi media artist that leans towards the more whimsical side of things. “Forest Friend” Acrylic on canvas, with gold foil


Larry Spenser
Larry creates “Mousepaintings” of Fine and Modern Art with today’s computer graphics technology, paintings and portraits expertly drawn using only the mouse as his paintbrush.

"Beauty" by Larry Spencer


Mark Witzling
“Emerging From Pandemic”, oil and beeswax on wood panel.

“Emerging From Pandemic”


Kerry Smith
Kerry Smith is a Metro Area art director, graphic designer and painter. “Off The Record” combines his love for album art, graphic design, and contemporary art; the series was inspired by Beck’s 2015 Grammy Award for best album.


Maxine Thirteen
Maxine is a self-taught, figurative painter. Her creations often explore bygone eras, the surreal and the macabre. Her figurative oil paintings embrace the aesthetic appeal of glamorous, vintage expression while sometimes incorporating macabre or mysterious undertones.

“The Pythagorean Portrait”
Oil on wood panels. 6×6, 8×8, & 10×10″ fastened together


Mark Polege
Mark Polege is a self-taught photographer and photo-journalist. His photographic artwork is an exploration in perspective and depth, and a story
written in a tapestry of light. His pieces capture the past while harnessing
color and composition into bookmarks of time and space.

"West Olive"


Rog Howard / Golden Hand
I am a self-trained artist that specializes in portrait art. I’m a perfectionist; so, nothing from me will carry any less value with each creation manifested from my heart and soul. I eat, breathe and sleep art because ART IS ME.

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