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Dennis Ringering

Dennis Ringering

Dennis L. Ringering:  MFA, U of CO, Boulder. SIUE Art Department Retired (2002 after 30 years)

Artist statement: Dennis has always been interested in the symbols, images and objects that man makes. His current work evolved from his research of Native American petroglyphs and pictographs in the Southwest and the symbols in caves of France and Spain. Many works of his involve more than 100 hours of surface creation and manipulation. The character of the piece is determined by the physical process he uses. Dennis uses both additive and subtractive techniques with a variety of materials building a multi-layered surface. Recent work is on heavyweight paper or wood panels.

More about Dennis and his artworks can be found at:

Dennis was featured in a collaborative fine arts exhibition, “Soil, Rock & Feathers: 2D & 3D Artworks by Susan Bostick, Linda J. Miller, Dennis L. Ringering & David Yates” at Governor French Gallery, November-December 2019. Sponsored and Curated by Gesso Magazine. See more about that at:

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  1. Very rich, spiritual work. Thanks for displaying it.


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