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Brooke Peipert

Brooke Peipert

Looking for Love

by Brooke Peipert

Looking for love can feel a lot like morning traffic.

Whether you’re on the bus or stuck on the freeway we think we are alone, in our bubble, that no one sees, but most likely there is someone observing your face, watching you sing to yourself, seeing how you drink your coffee or put makeup on while keeping a steady wheel. They can see when you’re having another “monday,” or a rough time with a roommate when you’re screaming on the phone.

We have our lives on display for an audience we don’t know is watching.


That maybe they can be your passenger, changing the radio station because we both hate commercials and silent traffic.

Brooke Peipert

First, I am an artist. Secondly, I am an art advocate. Thirdly, I am here to provide art advocacy and art exhibitions in a variation of locations and fashions. Currently, I am the lead curator/co-owner of Good Weather Art Gallery in Edwardsville IL.

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