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Danielle Dalechek

Danielle Dalechek

“Lucid Dream”

by Danielle Dalechek

Wake up from
Your lucid dream
You are not the girl you
Used to be

Metal and cooled wires
This cold machine heart
Blood and rust and oil
And some forgotten part

Iron rag doll
How they tossed you
Here and there
Until you bruised

Mechanical heartbeat
A pattern in the bloodstream
When will they realize
You are not what you seem

Brittle little birds flutter
Confusion in my head
What grew and inside who
In the once old and dead

At what point does porcelain
Become a wall of stone
When will you see
I chose to be alone

These shadows everywhere cast
I soaked them all up
Layers upon layers
Will it ever be enough

Somewhere beneath
All that bone and twisted steel
A little girl is sleeping
Broken by everything she feels

A woman stares into glass
And wonders who is in her mirror
Such tired eyes full of hate
She doesn’t want to recognize

Time to wake up
From this lucid dream
You are not the girl
This woman used to be

-Danielle Dalechek

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1 Comment

  1. Wow! This poem is a blast from the past. I did want to note the line “cooled” was “coiled” originally. 🙂


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